Domino’s Pizza event

Last Thursday, I was privileged to be invited for a makan session with 14 other bloggers at Kovan Domino’s Pizza! Food was awesome and the company was great. I got to try so many pizzas on that day! Mad full!The Marketing Manager, Linda Hassan came and gave us a talk about Domino’s Pizza. Do you know Domino’s is only 2 years old in Singapore? Singapore is the 67th country where Domino’s has established its presence. Linda then demonstrated to us how to order online.One of the great things about ordering online at Domino’s is that they have a GPS Tracker or the ‘Great Pizza Service Tracker’. This GPS Tracker allows customers the added convenience to keep tabs on the status of their food order from the moment it is ordered to the moment it leaves the store for delivery thus enhancing customer experience.Isn’t it great? Now you don’t have to wonder why is the pizza taking so long or have they already seen or done your orders?

Not only that, Domino’s gives free delivery and they guarantee that their delivery is within 30 minutes! If they are late, they will give you a free pizza voucher! The pricing stated are Nett pricing. Rest assured that there will be no extra charges when you received your yummy food!

Finally after all the demonstration and everything, the pizzas came within 10 minutes after we ordered online! Super fast!There were just so many pizzas that I am not sure whether I took photos for all. I was just super hungry after seeing all the food that I quickly snapped a few pictures! Anyway the last pizza, Classified Chicken was Linda’s and my favorite and also many other bloggers too. The pizza was really unique, creamy with onions, very different from most of the tomato-based pizzas. Go try it!

Domino’s Pizza recently also has a new addition to their menu – Crazy Chicken Crunchies (Original).They are paired with salsa sauce and tasted really yummy! Linda said that the original flavour is a variation of the Tom Yam flavored Crazy Chicken Crunchies. The Tom Yam flavored is paired with Cheese sauce. Tasted equally nice! Either I was too hungry or everything really tasted good!

I loved their Twisty Bread & Garlic Cheese Onion Rings too!

Last but not least, the heavenly CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE! Goodness, this cake is so sinful and yummy! Really delicious when eaten warm! I wish to eat this again soon! The portion seems quite big but I managed to eat finish the whole cake!

Group photo with the bloggers! Didn’t use my dslr to take this pic, sorry for the blurriness! Will try to get some of the grp photos from the other bloggers soon! Go check out Audrey’s or Jingru’s blog in the meantime! (:

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